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Cesar Rincon
Author · Speaker · Marketer · Entrepreneur
Cesar draws from 20+ years in sales and marketing to do what he loves most: helping people open their eyes and see the possibilities. It’s amazing what people can do when they have the right tools, and Cesar delivers simple and usable nuggets that will help audiences shift their thinking and move forward. Cesar shares some of the most important guidelines for success in sales and in life.  Whether you’ve been around for a few months or many years, these ideas will help you take charge of your career and create the foundation for a successful future.  Arriving in America with a few hundred dollars and a dream, Cesar believes anyone can acheive anything they set their mind to.
Most Popular Keynotes and Workshops
10 Secrets to Sales Success
In this program, Cesar shares 10 fundamental secrets to take your sales career to the next level. A non-fluff presentation that will make sense and help attendees realize that the art of selling does not have to be rocket science.

Smooth Selling
Cesar is not a smooth talker, but he is a smooth seller. Cesar shares techniques that will bring down buyer resistance and make your sales presentations more effective and will get you closer to the sale every time.

How to win in life
The ultimate guide to living a fulfilling life in business. Cesar shares from personal experience insights that will resonate with attendees and help them put their career on a path to success.

Truths, lies and dirty little secrets of marketing
With more than 15 years of experience in the advertising and boradcasting business, Cesar shares insights that will shock you and help you understand why more than 50% of your advertising dollars are wasted and how to correct that.

Truths, lies and dirty little secrets about marketing to Hispanics in the USA
Cesar knows the Hispanic market inside and out. In this fast paced insightful keynote, Cesar pulls back the curtains and shares the real facts and the strategies that work best to maximize your marketing efforts reaching the Hispanic market in the USA.
“Cesar’s session inspired the entire team
and helped us focus on the main goal.”
Elda Cisneros
Houston Community College

“The session was very eye-opening.  It
helped us realize we were not maximizing
our resources.”
Jorge Luis Medina
Global Network Partners

“Simple and to the point...useful ideas.”
Lisa Riley
Clear Channel Communications

“Even if you think you know it all, and have
seen it all, Cesar’s talk will inspire and
motivate your team to go to the next level.”
Rose Toro
Rose Artworks

“in more than 20 years in sales, this has
been the best presentation I have seen to
help me take my business to the next
Demetrius Navarro
Navarro Insurance Group

“Non-fluff, straight to the point ideas that
will make us more money”
Scott Cofran
Gexa Energy Group

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